Ewens Ponds & Kilsby's Sinkhole guided dives

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  • Duration: 5 Hours (approx.)
  • Product code: DE-DOUBLE

This is an Epic half days adventure taking in Australia's best recreational fresh water dive sites, This session runs from December 1st through to September 1st of each year (due to Ewens ponds closing for a regeneration period) and is a perfect dive session.

If you have been out of the water a while the double dive is perfect for you to get back into the water refresh your skills and enjoy two of Australia's best fresh water dive site available to recreational dives

Ewens Ponds

Ewens Ponds are a world-famous SCUBA diving and snorkelling location with a gentle flow of crystal clear waters leading to Eight-Mile Creek, and two swim-throughs that fizz with bubbling plants as they photosynthesize underwater. Drifting lazily through tunnels of plants and an abundance of life in the country’s most diverse freshwater dive site is invigorating and acts as a great warm-up before a dive at Kilsby sinkhole.

Ewens Ponds allows divers to fully appreciate the crystal clear fresh temperate waters that Mount Gambier is famous for. With easy access to the first pond from the carpark, your Dive Experience guide can easily help you adjust equipment before your dive begins. 

Parking is sometimes at a premium at the ponds, however Dive Experience will always try to park our trailer on the grassy area beside the information stand - if you arrive before the trailer does park wherever you can and we will meet you.

Ewens Ponds is a National Conservation Park, please do not bring pets all rubbish must be taken away (no rubbish bins on-site). There is only a drop toilet on-site consider using the toilet before heading to Ewens Ponds to meet your Dive Experience guide.

Due to popular demand both these iconic fresh water dives sites book out in peak period times, Times shown for tours are subject to site availability some adjustment to booking times could be required in season booking times could change.

Open water SCUBA certification required

Maximum Depth: 10 meters

Water Temperature: 15-degrees C

Visibility: 50m to +80m

Minimum age is 12 years old for SCUBA and 6 years old for snorkelling (by special arrangement).

Further information on Ewens Ponds is available HERE

Kilsby Sinkhole

This iconic sinkhole is a true bucket list experience - it has to be done if you are on the Limestone Coast! We have special procedures for this famous location you will be descending into a sinkhole 15m below ground level down ladders and walks ways your licensed guide will walk you through the entire experience watching over you through this epic adventure!

No other dive site delivers what Kilsby sinkhole has to offer, it the closest thing to diving in air!! you will never do a dive like this again guaranteed! Expect to see shafts of light beaming through the water, lighting up the floor that is scattered with bones and artifacts from thousands of years ago to modern day.

 From Open Water training dives all the way through the advanced rebreather cave exploration, divers from across the globe aspire to experience Kilsby Sinkhole it a true diver bucker list item, it's regarded as Australia's most iconic fresh water recreational dive site with classic views that are world class


Open water SCUBA certification required

Dive time: ~45mins

Maximum Depth: 27 meters (Open Water Lake Zone)

Water Temperature: 15-degrees C

Visibility: 50m to +80m

Minimum is age 15yrs (below by special arrangement only)